Tours and Excursions

Want to go out birding with a group? Need a local guide to show you around? Here are a few resources that can help you find the right outing.

  • Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society: SCVAS runs multiple group outings every month at many of the popular and interesting birding locations in the county, as well as excursions to interesting birding locations elsewhere in the region.
  • Los Gatos Birdwatcher: Los Gatos Birdwatcher is a locally owned store in Los Gatos that specializes in bird feeding and bird watching supplies from feeders and seed to binoculars and field guides. They also offer a regular series of events and outings including a free guided Saturday Morning Bird Walk to various locations around the county
  • Norcal Birding: Ryan Phillips is a long-time biologist and researcher and an avid birder in the area, who now is offering guided tours to interesting birding locations in the county.
  • Alvaro’s Adventures: Alvaro Jaramillo is a senior biologist for SFBBO and a researcher doing field work in South America. Alvaro’s Adventures runs pelagic tours out of Half Moon Bay and also does birding tours to locations around the world with an emphasis on the birds of South America.
  • Cheeseman’s Ecology Safaris: Cheesman’s Ecology Safaris is a Los Gatos based company has for 40 years been organizing nature and birding tours to locations around the globe from Yellowstone to Antartica.
  • Palo Alto Adult School Birding Classes: Palo Alto Schools runs a series of 6-8 week long birding classes in their adult education program. There are three levels, for beginner, intermediate and advanced birders.

Nearby Audubon and Birding Chapters

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Conservation Groups

Santa Clara County is blessed with lots of protected open and green spaces we can visit for enjoyment. This doesn’t happen without a lot of work, and there are a number of organizations in the area that work to protect and expand these spaces. If you want to learn more about these groups and the work they do, or are interested in getting involved and helping them, go take a look at the web sites of these organizations:

  • Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society: SCVAS is involved in many conservation advocacy projects around the county and has hired a full time advocate to work with governments and agencies in the county to promote bird-safe laws and protect sensitive bird areas.
  • San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory: is an organization dedicated to conservation of birds in the region through science and outreach. They run educational events on a regular basis, and are involved in a number of projects including Snowy Plover habitat management and shorebird studies along the edge of the bay.
  • Peninsula Open Space Trust: POST is an organization dedicated to raising funds to acquire key at risk properties and preserve them as open space and working with other organizations to make them accessible for use by the public. They have recently been instrumental in protecting key properties at risk for development in Coyote Valley.
  • Bay Nature: Bay Nature is an organization that works to protect San Francisco Bay and help connect people with it through advocacy and education.
  • Save the Bay: Save the Bay is an advocacy group that works to protect San Francisco Bay from development and abuse, and works to restore the Bay for future generations.

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