How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe to South Bay Birds

Subscribing to South Bay Birds

The South-Bay-Birds mailing list is hosted on Yahoo Groups. The home page for the group is at

To subscribe to South-Bay-Birds, go to the group page on Yahoo, look for the + Join Group button, and click it.

To complete the subscription you need to log onto Yahoo. If you have a Yahoo account you can use that. If you don’t have a Yahoo account, you can create one. Yahoo will encourage you to do that by creating a email, but you can create the account using your email address. Once it’s created you can log in and return to the South Bay Birds group page.

Once there, click on + Join Group again. It’ll bring up a form you need to complete:

Complete it, fill out the CAPTCHA and click on Send Request.

Congratulations, you’re now a member of South-Bay-Birds.

Changing your email or other information

Make sure you’re logged onto Yahoo, and go to the main page of the South Bay Birds site on Yahoo Groups. On the right side of the group page, below the banner picture, is a menu named Membership. Click that and it brings down a menu with an option for Edit Membership. Select that. This command allows you to change how you receive the emails (individual or digest) or change the email address the list is sent to, plus some other options.

Note: to change email addresses you have to configure the new address into your Yahoo account before you can select it in Yahoo Groups. To do that, look for the account name at the top of the page, and click it. That will bring up an information box about your account, with a button saying Account Info. Click on that to go to the account management page, and you can adjust your email addresses that Yahoo knows about in the Security Preferences area.

Unsubscribing from South Bay Birds

Follow the directions above to get to the Edit Membership page. At the bottom of that page is an option to Leave Group. Select that, and you will be unsubscribed.